Health care was a focal point of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. In his first two months in office, President Biden has already addressed several core issues. However, there’s much more to come. Topics such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the establishment of a public option, expansion of Medicare and Medicaid, lower drug pricing, and […]

The Biden Administration & Health Care

April 15, 2021

Candace Arvin

The Biden Administration and Health Care

Picture this. Family sitting around the kitchen table laughing about the events of the day. Children running down the stairs on Christmas morning to see the gifts from Santa. Friends gathered poolside, enjoying a Barbecue on a warm summer day. Your dog playing fetch in the yard. For many people, this is what dreams are […]

8 Risks to Watch for When Buying a Home

April 13, 2021

Michelle Snider

8 Risk to Watch Out for When Buying a Home

Your workers’ compensation premium is determined by three things: Payroll Class code Experience modification factor Payroll dollars and your industry class code are concrete factors that you generally can’t change. The experience modification factor, however, is something you can actively work to reduce to achieve a better premium. How is the Experience Modification Factor Calculated? […]

The Workers' Compensation Experience Modification Factor

March 24, 2021

David Gately

The Workers’ Compensation Experience Modification Factor

When you suffer damage to your property, the last thing you want to face is uncertainty when it comes to the insurance claims process. At General Insurance Services, we work hard to make sure the property claim process goes as smoothly for you as it possibly can. Whether it’s coordinating with contractors, negotiating with carriers, […]

How to File a Property Claim

March 19, 2021

Joe Biernacki

How to File a Property Claim: A Step-by-Step Process

Side hustles and home-based businesses are on the rise. We are living in a time where it has never been easier earn an income from home, especially through technology and social media. Over the past year, in the midst of a pandemic, we saw side hustles and home-based businesses become a necessity for many looking […]

How to Protect Your Side Hustle and Home-Based Business

March 16, 2021

Anthony Dubbs

How to Protect Your Side Hustle and Home-Based Business

Today’s article is brought to you by guest blogger, Scott Templin, Cyber Risk Advisor with Lachesis, LLC. Gizmodo reported this week that SolarWinds is blaming an intern for the password of ‘solarwinds123’ that was being used on a server. There is not a connection at this point that the weak password was leveraged as a […]

A Closer Look at Password Security

March 5, 2021

Scott Templin

A Closer Look at Password Security

If you have financed your vehicle and still owe a balance on your loan, or you are planning to finance a vehicle soon, then this information applies to you. Gap insurance is designed for those who experience a collision or theft of a vehicle whose cash value is significantly less than the financing balance owed. […]

What is Gap Insurance and Why Do You Need It

February 25, 2021

General Insurance Services

What Is Gap Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

Northwest Indiana welcomed the new year with an ice storm that resulted in power outages across the region and damage to many homes. As we assisted clients with filing their claims, we were reminded of the importance of planning ahead and obtaining coverage for winter weather risks to the home. Living in Northwest Indiana, we […]

Insuring for Winter Weather Risks to Your Home

February 2, 2021

General Insurance Services

Insuring for Winter Weather Risks to Your Home

Workplace injuries and illnesses have a huge impact on an employer’s bottom line. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employers pay almost $1 billion per week for workers’ pay alone. Addressing safety and wellness issues in the workplace can save you money and protect your bottom line.  It is important to know […]

How Focusing on Safety & Wellness Benefits Your Business

September 14, 2020

Kim Giannetti

How Focusing on Safety and Wellness Benefits Your Business

Workplace wellness programs may not only increase employee morale, but also reap a positive return on investment for employers. Although Work Wellness programs are often expensive, there are ways employers can make positive changes for little or no cost.

40 Low-Cost Wellness Strategies for Your Employees

August 24, 2020

Elizabeth Downs

40 Low-Cost Wellness Strategies for Your Employees