Warm summer weather may seem far away right now; however, spring is fast approaching, and it is time to start thinking about heading outdoors. It is never too late to start home maintenance to keep you and your family safe. Here are a few safety tips you will want to be sure are in place. […]

Home Safety Considerations

May 8, 2023

Megan Herrold

Home Safety Considerations

Wildlife is a pleasure to experience — but not inside your home. Animals can move into your attic, walls, chimney or other nooks and crannies. Dealing with their waste, unpleasant smells and damage is frustrating (and potentially expensive). Most homeowners insurance expressly excludes damage from: Birds Rodents Insects Even if your problem doesn’t fit into […]

May 4, 2023

General Insurance Services

Homeowners Beware: Infestation and Animal Damage Exclusions

From snowstorms to tornados, hurricanes or fires – even a downed tree or maintenance that lasts longer than you expected – an extended home power outage can put you and your family in harm’s way. Getting through a long power outage is a challenge, but with a little preparation, you can increase your chances of […]

Tips For Surviving an Extended Home Power Outage

July 7, 2022

General Insurance Services

Tips for Surviving an Extended Home Power Outage

Your home is your sanctuary, a place to recharge. But you need a multitude of appliances working hard to preserve that haven: When they break down, it’s chaos. And it’s not just the things in your home you need to worry about. If a severe storm knocks out your power, for example, the electrical surge can cause […]

Homeowners, Are Your Appliances and Systems Protected

June 21, 2022

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Homeowners, Are Your Appliances and Systems Protected?

If you lost all of your personal belongings in a fire or another catastrophe, you likely wouldn’t be able to recall all of your possessions from memory alone. That’s why a home inventory is important. You can test that assumption by closing your eyes right now and listing all your valuable belongings in each room […]

Why Pictures of Your Valuables are Important for Your Home Inventory

June 2, 2022

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Why Pictures of Your Valuables are Important for Your Home Inventory

Whether it’s your first rental or you want a refresher, use this checklist to spot potential red flags before signing a lease on your next apartment. Once you’re in your new place (or even if you decide not to move), dust off your renters policy for a quick once-over, too. Renters Checklist What is the […]

May 10, 2022

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Apartment Hunters Checklist With Renters Insurance Refresher

Vacant land has become an increasingly appealing investment, particularly in the age of social distancing and skyrocketing home and rent costs. If you’re looking to join the growing ranks of landowners, you should consider insuring your investment. This may sound strange, as there’s nothing that can be damaged or replaced on an empty plot, but […]

May 3, 2022

General Insurance Services

Landowners, Your Vacant Land Is a Liability

Any large-scale loss of property is devastating. But if you’ve made an inventory of your personal belongings, it could make the process of recovery and filing an insurance claim much easier.   You Need an Inventory to Make an Insurance Claim To make a claim under your insurance policy, you need to be able to […]

April 7, 2022

General Insurance Services

Don’t Wait Until Disaster Strikes — Create an Inventory of Your Belongings Now

Even small home repairs can put you at risk. Whether it’s a do-it-yourself (DIY) project with a friend or you’re hiring a professional contractor, check your home insurance policy before you start any repairs. Get Proof Of Insurance A licensed contractor or builder should already have general liability, medical and workers’ compensation insurance. Even so, […]

Repairing Your House Check Your Insurance First

March 2, 2022

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Repairing Your House? Check Your Insurance First

Jewelry is one of the world’s oldest archaeological artifacts, having been used for centuries across multiple cultures to mark social status, store wealth or as a symbol of personal meaning. In the 21st century, it isn’t uncommon for someone to own designer jewelry collections, engagement and wedding rings, and antique heirlooms. But whether a Rolex […]

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend Insurance for Valuables

February 10, 2022

General Insurance Services

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend: Insurance for Valuable Jewelry